R2000iB 210F

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R2000iB 210F

FANUC R-2000iB is a robot with high reliability and excellent price / performance ratio developed by Fanuc with 25 years of accumulated experience.

R-2000iB / 210F is a floor-standing robot with extremely high payload, a horizontal distance of 2655mm and 6 degrees of freedom. It is ideal for applications such as material handling, welding, assembly and material handling.

The R-2000iB / 210F has a slender arm and wrist to help it adapt to narrow and hard-to-reach places, making users more flexible when planning their applications.

This also helps reduce interference with system peripherals.

Despite its slender arms, the R-2000iB / 210F has a very wide working range and can reach the top and rear of the head.

Robot parameter table
Serial numberBrandUsed FANUC
2Load capacity(Kg)210
4Number of controlled axes6
6Operating systemWince
7Repeatability≤ ±0.3mm
8Maximum rotation angle in space±180°
9StructureVertical multi-joint
10Protection levelFront end and joint IP67, body part IP54
11Robot body weight(Kg)1240
12Control cabinet weight(Kg)185Kg
13Input voltage360V-440V 50Hz
14Driving methodAC servo motor
15Driving power21KW
16Mounting flangeISO
17Installation positionGround
18Working environment0-45℃
19Robot useLoading and unloading、Moving、Palletizing、Welding、Assembly、Sanding、Cutting,etc.