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The KR360 is one of the largest payload robots after the KR500, capable of supporting 240 to 360 kg.

Equipped with KRC2 ED05 controller, the robot has enough flexibility to meet a variety of user needs. Combines standard PC technology, user-friendly interface and versatile customization methods to provide the best programming experience. Software packages for common simple and complex tasks can also be used to save time.

Two additional axes can be integrated into the system without the need for additional cabinets. For up to six additional shafts, a top-mounted cabinet still saves space and is easy to connect. Strong communication between different systems in the robot provides good motion coordination and increases speed.

Control panel maintenance is simple because these components are highly accessible and interchangeable. Internet services and monitoring are also important features, and data backup on CD-ROMs and floppy disks provides additional advantages. The system's safety design concept improves reliability and durability.

Robot parameter table
Serial numberBrandUsed KUKA
2Load capacity360Kg
4Number of controlled axes6
6Operating systemWindows XP
7Repeatability≤ ±0.2mm
8Maximum rotation angle in space ±185°
9StructureVertical multi-joint
10Protection levelIP 65
11Robot body weight2375Kg
12Control cabinet weight185-215Kg
13Input voltage360V-440V 50Hz
14Driving methodAC servo motor
15Driving power32.8KW
16Mounting flange
17Installation positionGround
18Working environment0-45℃
19Robot useLoading and unloading、Moving、Palletizing、Welding、Assembly、Sanding、Cutting,etc.