KR210-2 2000

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KR210-2 2000

The KUKA KR210 robot is one of the most popular types of industrial robots. In BMW, Volkswagen Audi Group, Daimler and more manufacturers have a wide range of applications.

There are three basic specifications: KR 210-2 (2700 mm / 210 kg), KR 210L180-2 (2900 mm / 180 kg), and KR 210L150-2 (3100 mm / 150 kg).

The lightweight arm is a single-sided design, which provides a better working range. The KR210 series is a multi-purpose 6-axis robot that can be used in a variety of applications from stacking to milling, welding, deburring and machine care.

The robot arm is mainly made of aluminum, and its mass is almost half that of similar ABB robots. This means it is faster and more energy efficient. The base of the robot has a forklift point. The arm seal is IP65.

The KRC2 control system makes programming easier through its Microsoft Windows interface. It is extensible, can be integrated into the network via the bus, and contains ready-made software packages.

Robot parameter table
Serial numberBrandUsed KUKA
2Load capacity210Kg
3Wingspan2700(2400,2900, 3100)mm
4Number of controlled axes6
6Operating systemWindows XP
7Repeatability≤ ±0.2mm
8Maximum rotation angle in space ±185°
9StructureVertical multi-joint
10Protection levelIP 65
11Robot body weight1300Kg
12Control cabinet weight185-215Kg
13Input voltage360V-440V 50Hz
14Driving methodAC servo motor
15Driving power17KW
16Mounting flangeDIN ISO 9409-1-A160
17Installation positionGround
18Working environment0-45℃
19Robot useLoading and unloading、Moving、Palletizing、Welding、Assembly、Sanding、Cutting,etc.