The advantages of used welding robots are obvious
2021-06-28 16:48:17

There is no advantage in domestic Yaskawa welding robot prices. In the past 10 years, the price of imported robots has dropped sharply from 70,000 US dollars to 20,000 US dollars, making it difficult for ordinary industrial robots produced in China to compete with them. Especially in the early stage of the development of robots in China, there is no corresponding synchronous development of parts and components industries such as servo motors and reducers, which makes it difficult to reduce prices, so it is difficult to reduce robot production costs. There is still a large gap between China and foreign countries, which indirectly affects the development of domestic robots. For the largest users of robots, car body factories, almost all equipment is imported from abroad, and domestic robots have a hard time finding a stage to perform.

We should admit that there is still a certain gap between domestic robots and foreign companies in terms of control level and reliability. After more than 30 years of development, foreign industrial robots have been continuously improved and improved in actual production. It is a very mature industrial product, while China is in a single small batch production state. In the early days, domestic robot manufacturers needed the support of government policies and funds. Welding robot is a high-tech product of mechatronics. It is not enough to rely solely on the capabilities of the enterprise. The government is required to give certain policies and financial support to robot manufacturers and companies using domestic robot systems to accelerate the development of domestic robots.

The advantages of a used welding robot are obvious. In addition to the above-mentioned enterprises, the startup of industrial robots is also being accelerated, such as Xiamen, Longgong, Germany and other construction machinery companies. It is understood that many people have tasted the sweetness of machinery manufacturing enterprises, and will now encounter troubles on machines and equipment, and are no longer willing to use manuals. However, the problem is always twofold. Although industrial robots have many advantages, they are also the key to the transformation and upgrading of construction machinery enterprises in the future, but the greater change brought to the enterprise is that this is actually a change in the management model. As the chairman of any heavy aircraft, Yu Hongfu said that robots are not the concept of a single machine. It is a system that requires us to plan ahead and needs to change our way of thinking and management.